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Unwins Stores

Unwins Stores “Before “photoAfter Photo A “Georgian ” Building constructed in around 1846, some 60 years after the end of the Georgian epoch. That year Neptune was discovered, Britains Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel introduced the “corn Laws ” to Parliament, the Island of Venice was connected to the Mainland by a causway and railway […]

The Rifle Volunteer.

This Marble Trooper has stood in Tambar Springs NSW SINCE 1917.  Through the Great deppression , another World war , drought flood and fire. For the last several years withpout a rifle. Sadly these Memorials are vandalized at times, often by people trying to souveneer the rifles, as was the case here. So there I […]

A Tale of Three Hammers epilogue

A Tale of Three Hammers

Each hammer was made specifically to work Stone. All have a balance and power far superior to any modern hammer.  They came to me at various times in my life, and are strongly associated with the Men that gave them to me.     The first belonged to George Buck, a mason from South London, […]