Our Services

New Build- complete supply and fix from design through to installation and project management

Restoration- Replacement of eroded stone, with new to match original detail including intricate, mouldings, tracery, and carving.

Remedial work to stonework- including repointing joints and epoxy repair work.

Engineering of stonework- Form openings, doors and windows to match existing detail and comply with engineering requirements.

Leadwork- Install lead flashings to copings and cornices with concealed clips and welded joints.

About E.H. Stonemasonry Services

E.H. Stonemasonry Services originated in Goulburn in NSW in 1986. It was created for the simple expedient of carrying out two contracts in that district, one being St Saviours Cathedral in Goulburn and the other Government House in Canberra.

The company founder,Edward Higgins served an apprenticeship at Westminster Abbey in London and worked on various restoration projects in the city for companies such as Rattee and Kett and Szerelmy. He also spent two years training apprentices at the Building Crafts Training School before being invited to be involved in the bicentennial project to build and design a tower on the cathedral in Goulburn, Australia. Whilst there he managed and supervised the masons as well as designing and drafting the working plans and drawings from the original architect Blackett's designs.

He was also subsequently involved in the restoration of stonework at the Governor General's house in Canberra.

The subsequent decision to remain in Australia led to the establishment of the company on the Central Coast of NSW, near to the source of the major suppliers of sandstone and to be available for work in both Sydney and Newcastle.

After over 20 years as an established specialist stonemasonry company, E.H.Stonemasonry has been involved in many prestigious projects in both NSW and Queensland and has an reputation for quality work.

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